(HD-BluRay) European Railway: Issue 85 (May-June 2019)

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SWITZERLAND - fast and furious is the best way to describe our early morning visit to Effretikon just north-east of Zürich during a typical rush-hour. The four-track mainline is crammed full of commuter trains with classes 420, 421, 460, 500, 502, 511, 514 and 450 all seen.

AUSTRIA - the ‘Rudolfsbahn’ west of Leoben on the route to Klagenfurt is visited as we study mainline traffic close to the foothills of the Alps. Classes 1016, 1063, 1116, 1142, 1144, 189, 193, 1216, 2016 and 4024 are all viewed by our camera.  
BELGIUM - the area around Silly station situated to the south-west of Brussels next to the Belgian High-Speed line as well as the parallel classic main line to Tournai is seen. A variety of electric locomotives are witnessed as well as TGV and Eurostars on the high-speed line.  
GERMANY - a visit to the junction town of Bebra with classes 411, 427, 428, 212, 298, 140, 152, 185, 189, 193 and 187 in action. Freight trains dominate at this busy location situated on the north to south mainline.

FRANCE - a look at diesel (and some electric) operations on the Calais to Amiens mainline in northern France. With the expected demise of the BB67400 diesels on intercity duties from the beginning of September 2019, we take a look at these locos in action as well as stone traffic hauled by BB60000, E4000 and ECR class 66s.


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