(HD-BluRay) Italy Cab-ride: Bolzano to Verona

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With about 30 minutes of delay, accumulated from Brenner to Bolzano because of  door-lock and electric braking issues, we resume the journey towards Verona. Two trains precede us and restrict our progress - such is the level of traffic that we cannot use the adjacent track to overtake. After passing the trains at EgnaTermeno and Trento Roncafort, we arrive in Trento along the Trento-Male-Marilleva railway, during a period where modernisation works were being undertaken.
The arrival of an intermodal train in Rovereto blocks the road ahead and forces us to waste more time. We are now driving in the Val d'Adige with the sun already set in different angles due to the height of the mountains and the limited width of the valley all divided between vineyards, roads, highway and railway. We leave this magical valley through the 4300-metre Ceraino tunnel, opened in 1999, after abandonment of the old line in an area subject to rockfall. The Veronese announces itself with Domegliara station, where we overtake a tank train by an OBB Tauraus  electric. As expected, a lot of delay has been recovered, however the arrival in Verona Porto Nuova for this train which continues on to Bologna via Verona Porto Nuovo Scalo. We use the freight route from Bivo San Massimo which is limited to 30km/h, passing the 'Milan' and 'Bologna' lines - a rare event to follow an alternative route.
We reach platform 12 with the ground staff already waiting to uncouple the locomotive, to 'run around' the train and reverse the direction of travel on to Bologna For us today ... the journey ends here - a journey full of railway interest and beautiful mountain scenery.

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