European Railway: Issue 93 - (September - October 2020)

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AUSTRIA - the second part of a feature looking at the main line between Passa and Wels. This strategic route links western Austria with Germany and provides a vital link into Eastern Europe and sees a varied amount of locomotive and train types on both passenger and freight.   
SWITZERLAND - we call in to Turgi station for a Sunday morning view of trains through this busy junction station situated to the north-west of Zürich. Classes 511, 560, 420, 460 and a rare appearance of an historic train!  

FRANCE -  a visit is made to the busy route to the west of Miramas, south of Avignon. Classes: z27500, B81500, BB22200, BB27000, BB75000, Vossloh G2000, BB37000 and TGV all appear on a variety of workings. Loco-hauled passenger, push-pull local trains and long freight trains are seen in action.   

ITALY - the second of two visits to the main lines to the north-east of Genoa which pass through very pretty mountain scenery. Classes 633, 652, 655, 656, 444, 402B, 191, 464, ETR485 are all seen in action.

SWITZERLAND - the first part in a feature looking at the BLS mountain route linking Goppenstein with Brig. This section looks at the car-shuttle trains that work through the Lötschberg tunnel powered by the venerable class 425 electrics, also known as ‘Brownies’. We have a brief taste of the superb scenery to be seen in the Rhône Valley which will be covered in the next edition of this series.

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