Swiss Cab-ride: Chur to Disentis 2019

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The first stretch of line on our journey is double-track with the first 7 kilometres double-gauge to a factory located at Ems. After the junction station at Reichenau-Tamins we diverge off the St.Moritz route and in to the Vorderrhein Valley, a river now every much in its youth. We are soon in a wild deep gorge cut by the river with rushing water, white rocky walls and wide woods; even the orchids bloom in this little paradise. The gorge can be  discovered and explored on foot or by mountain bike, thanks to a dense network of paths. On board the Glacier Express we are a prized and important service having priority over other trains on the line, with our panoramic carriages allowing travellers to immerse themselves in the passing scenery. Beyond Valensas the valley opens up and soon we are at the large town of Ilanz, where, shortly after the station the line in to the Valser factory is witnessed - this is one of the largest mineral water producers in Switzerland. Two trains a day leave the facility taking palletised water to the transfer facility at Landquart. The 30 km between Ilanz and Disentis is uphill with gradients of between 1.4 and 2% as the line climbs the 430 metres up to Disentis where our journey comes to an end.  Filmed in glorious summer sunshine in July 2018.

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