(HD Blu-Ray) American Railway Vol 27: Virginia (NS and CSX)

(HD Blu-Ray) American Railway Vol 27: Virginia (NS and CSX)

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Run-time 1 hour and 40 mins approx.

In the 27th edition of American Railway, we focus on two routes through Virginia, the Norfolk Southern Christiansburg District between Roanoke and Montgomery, and the CSX between White Sulphur Springs in the Alleghany Sub to Buttons Bluff in the James River Sub.

To add to your enjoyment, a brief interlude includes previously unreleased views of locations featured in the previous release of American Railway, and a look ahead to locations in the east of Virginia that will feature in a future edition.

In the first half of the programme, we follow the Norfolk Southern Christiansburg District west from Roanoke with filming locations at Salem, Pierpont, Elliston, Shawsville and Montgomery. West from Roanoke, the Christiansburg and Whitethorne Districts run parallel, diverging after Pierpont. While one camera is at Elliston, the others take a look at the Whitethorne District between Kumis and Riverside. After Montgomery, this section finishes with a scene at the eastern end of Bluefield, West Virginia, where our journey along The Pokey began (AR24).

The interlude includes scenes at Gaithersburg , Edgewood and Havre de Grace in Maryland, and Penola, Doswell, Lorton and Arlington in the east of Virginia.

The second half of the programme features the CSX, we travel east along Alleghany Subdivision from White Sulphur Springs, in West Virginia, into Virginia, with locations at Alleghany, Covington, Low Moor, and Clifton Forge, the eastern boundary of the Alleghany Sub. From there, we head south on the James River Sub to Iron Gate, finishing at the spectacular overlook at Buttons Bluff.

All scenes were filmed in May, 2017, using three cameras to increase the number of locations and enhance the views of passing trains.