(HD Blu-Ray) British Railways Today: Issue 10 - June 2024

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(Run-time: 1 hour and 43mins approx.)

The Westbury area in Wiltshire is one of the biggest generators of rail based stone traffic in the country and as such is a significant draw for railway observers and photographers alike. Lengthy train consists with class 59, 66 and 70 locomotives amidst wide open countryside and distant hills adds to the attraction. In the first of two visits to the area this programme features the above mentioned stone trains and other freight including container trains and engineers workings. In addition the Great Western Mainline that runs through the area brings with it Hitachi Intercity Express Trains as well as local workings with classes 158, 159, 165 and 166 diesel units. Locations include the outskirts of Westbury, Frome East and Upton Scudamore.

The West Coast Main Line in southern Scotland can be a bleak and wind-swept part of the country: back in 2021 we were lucky enough to have clear blue skies as we sampled rail traffic near Abington, south of Carstairs. The wonderful hilly country combines superbly with the different types of trains that we saw sporting a range of striking liveries. Class 90s from Freightliner and DB Cargo are seen on container workings, as too are class 88s. Passenger trains glide past our camera positions on express workings to and from Glasgow and Edinburgh formed with classes 390 and 397. We also have class 92 and class 57 operations.

Tonbridge station on the southeastern tracks out of London is a busy junction and sees continuous passenger train activity. We paid a visit to the platforms in early 2023 and see classes 375, 377, 465 and 466 electric units in operation as well as class 66 locos on freight workings. A

nother busy location which we visited back in the late summer of 2021 was Stenson Junction south of Derby. This action-packed location features frequent train action with both long-distance freight and passenger workings. Class 66 dominate on the freight with HST, class 158s and Voyagers on the passenger trains.

We conclude the programme with another visit to the Westbury area filmed in June 2023.