(HD Blu-Ray) European Railway: Issue 41 (Summer 2011)

(HD Blu-Ray) European Railway: Issue 41 (Summer 2011)

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FRANCE – a look at the mainline to the north and south of Amiens, where endangered BB16000 and BB17000 electrics are seen on passenger workings. Also appearing is a BB27000 on freight and BB67400 diesels on local services, all seen amidst the rolling hills of this part of the country.

GERMANY - in this section we stop off at Saarmund just to the south of Berlin where we witness freight train activity at this busy location. Class 151, 152, 155, 185, 189 electrics and class 203, 298 and 232 diesels all appear on heavy container and coal workings, as well as local trip freights to the nearby Seddin yard. We also visit central Berlin where classes 143 - including MEG-operated class 143s - & 120 appear on passenger workings. Finally we sample class 234 action at Angermunde and a brief look at classes 110 & 140 in action.

SWITZERLAND – a detailed study of trains and traffic to be seen at Chur. SBB electrics appear as well as RhB metre-gauge diesels and electrics on passenger and freight train services. We also take the RhB train to the ski resort of Arosa and the spectacular views to be had over the Langwieser viaduct. We also include the street running section through the City of Chur.

BELGIUM – the new high-speed four track route between Brussels and Leuven is visited during a typical early-morning rush-hour. A host of locomotive-hauled trains are seen with classes 13, 18, 21, 23 and 27 in charge as well as AM62 and AM96 eletric units. The line is close to the flight path of the nearby Brussels airport and we close this section with two shots of airliners landing.

AUSTRIA – we travel to the Westbahn, close to the monastery town of Melk as we look at traffic on a Saturday evening close to sunset. Some superb ‘glint’ scenes are witnessed as the low angle of the sun reflects off the train sides. Classes 1016, 1116, 1216, 185, 189, 1144 & 4020 are seen on freight & passenger duties.

CZECH REPUBLIC – traditional diesel-operated lines offer an attraction to enthusiasts where older locomotives and multiple-units are often seen at work. We chose the line just to the west of Brno, in the south of the country, where we see early-morning commuter trains at work. Class 842 and 854 diesel railcars as well as class 750 and 754 locomotives are seen on a variety of passenger services. A class 708 shunter also arrives in the yard at Strelice - our featured location. In the yard are examples of Polish ET05 and ET13 electric locos stored pending further use.

SWITZERLAND – a second visit to the country as we focus on the mainline just to the north of Burgdorf, east of Bern. This ‘BLS’ route sees a significant amount of freight and passenger activity. Our January and April 2011 material features, classes 420, 425, 430, 620, 460, 185 & 485 locomotives in action. We also see two separate freight trains triple-headed by BLS & SBB locos as well as another train operated by a pair of class 620 Re6/6s.