(HD Blu-Ray) European Railway: Issue 42 (Autumn 2011)

(HD Blu-Ray) European Railway: Issue 42 (Autumn 2011)

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In this programme:

FRANCE – a study of passenger traffic along the mainline which parallels the River Doubs just to the east of Besançon in eastern France. The opening of the new TGV-Rhone mainline means that TGV operated services have mostly been transferred away from this line; our visit made in April 2011 shows these trains at work on the older classic line through this picturesque river valley. As well as TGVs at work we also see BB25500 electrics, now very much in the twilight of their careers.

SWITZERLAND – we visit the busy station at Aarau on the line from Zurich to Olten. Our evening stopover coincided with the busy teatime commuter rush where passenger services were almost continuous. Freight traffic is also seen as they slot into the few available paths. We see Re6/6, Ae6/6, Re4/4, 460, 500, 523 and 485 on a number of freight and passenger workings.

BELGIUM – a look at freight train action on the eastern exit of Antwerpen’s Noord marshalling yard. New class 28 as well as older type 23, 26, 62, Euro class 66, class 20, 12 and 77 put in an appearance in a constant stream of freight services entering the busiest yard in the country.

POLAND – we look at freight and passenger traffic through Wroclaw Sołtysowice station which is situated to the north-east of the city. EN57 electric multiple units are seen – and they really show their age – as well as newer class 134 units on local services. Freight traffic is busy and particularly coal traffic which dominates on the Polish network. We see ET41, ET22, Tem2, and class 181 locomotives in action.

AUSTRIA – the scenic delights of the Brenner Pass route are witnessed in this section as we focus our attention on rails which skirt the picturesque village of St. Jodok. Situated high above the village we look down on to the tracks as we see some delightful views of freight and passenger trains making their way up and down this steeply-graded main line. Examples of 1016, 1216, 1144, 1044, Ex DB 139, 189 and 4024 are seen going about their work.

GERMANY – mainline and industrial tracks are covered as we look at action to the south of Duisburg. Our location covers the main rail bridge over the River Rhein at Hochfeld where a variety of freight and passenger trains are seen crossing the river, including industrial diesels, SBB Re4/4, DB 143, 152, 140, 485 and Taurus electrics. We also look at the line down to the steelworks at Duisburg Buchholz where class 294, 232 and 247 (Euro class 66) are seen on steel and general freight workings.