(HD Blu-Ray) European Railway: Issue 45 (Summer 2012)

(HD Blu-Ray) European Railway: Issue 45 (Summer 2012)

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Run-time 94 mins

BELGIUM – we pay a visit to the main line linking Brugge and Gent. With the recent withdrawal of Classes 23 and 26 it is the new Class 18 electrics that we see, as well as older class 27 on push-pull services. Electric multiple units are used on some inter-city but mainly on the local stopping services, we see type: AM96, AM62, AM79, AM80 on a variety of duties. Also seen are class 20 and Class 77.

The NETHERLANDS – a look at one of the principal rail routes out of Rotterdam Docks as we pay a visit to the line just to the east of Tilburg. Our evening stopover witnessed a whole host of traction as we see, Class 1700, DB class 189, MRCE class 189, Ex-DR class 203, Class 6400, Plan Y2, Plan V and Plan Z0/1 ‘Koploper’ units. This route is exceptionally busy both for freight and passenger workings as we see the trains amidst flat farmland scenery.

GERMANY – The steam-operated narrow gauge line out of Zittau up into the Zittau Hills is featured as we follow the line up to Kurort-Oybin and Kurort-Jonsdorf. With two-cameraman filming the trains some superb footage was gathered on the steepest part of the line, including the trains in open countryside, suburban stations, in cuttings, in thick forest and around the terminus stations at the end of the line. Numbers 99-731 and 99-749 are the two locos in steam on the day we visited which also saw the use of 1938-vintage diesel railcar number: VT137-322.

POLAND - the country is still awash with many rural rail lines and it is to one of these that we feature in this section. The single-track line from Jawor to Jaworzyna Śląska – the site of a steam museum – is surprisingly rewarding in terms of the variety of traction seen. In our visit diesel railcars of types SA105 and SA135 were seen as well as diesel locomotives from types: T448P, SM42, ST43, BR232 and SM48/TEM2 – the latter giving us some ear-splitting thrash as they move a heavy stone train.

SWITZERLAND – Lenzburg is featured in this section which is on the line to Aarau. Classes Re4/4, Re6/6, 450, 460, 500, 520, 540, 843, TGV and Ae6/6 are seen at this snow-covered location. Traffic is constant as we see local commuter services, intercity postal and freight services passing this busy location.

TAIL-LIGHT – two scenes from eastern France depicting freight trains in the rolling countryside.