(HD Blu-Ray) European Railway: Issue 48 March-April 2013

(HD Blu-Ray) European Railway: Issue 48 March-April 2013

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Run-time 1hour and 38 mins approx.

BELGIUM - a study of freight and passenger traffic on the line between Gent and Kortrijk around the town of De Pinte. A mixture of locomotive and electric multiple units are seen including, classes 12, 21, 29, AM62, AM63 and AM70 with class BB36000 and class 77 also viewed.

FRANCE – operations on the line between Narbonne and Perpignan are featured around the town of Port-la-Nouvelle. BB7200, BB26000, BB27000, Z27500 and TGVs dominate. Also an ex-DB 211.

POLAND - the mainline south of Glogów with diesels and electrics. At least four varieties of EN57 emus are seen with various colour schemes and bodystyles. We see a copper ore train headed by a class M62 and a TEM2 as well as ET22 electric locomotives on freight. In the second part of our visit to Poland we head south close to the border with the Czech Republic and to a delightful country line north-west of Nowa Ruda. Single-car diesel units and a class 401da shunter are seen in action.

AUSTRIA – three locations are visited to the east of Bruck an der Mur on the mainline to Vienna. Class 1144, 1116, 1142, 2068, & 4024 are all seen. We also have a surprise in the shape of a Hungarian track recording DMU – off the beaten track!

GERMANY - a study of rail operations on the line between Kassel and Paderborn. Our focus is on the Altenbeken to Warburg section including the 482-metre long viaduct at Altenbeken. Class 425, Talent, FLIRT, & Stadler EMUs all appear, as does classes 101, 152 and RHB 143 electrics on passenger and freight services.

SWITZERLAND – we visit the narrow-gauge AAR, Wynental-und Suhrentalbahn to witness operations between Teufenthal and Menziken. Modern and older railcars are seen at work on this intensely worked single-track commuter line.

SLOVENIA – it’s loud diesel time as we look at workings in and around the town of Ptuj. Class 664 diesels dominate with class 711 and 813 diesel units also seen. There are some superb class 664 soundtracks, particularly of 664 113 restarting a long container train.