(HD Blu-Ray) European Railway: Issue 53 (January-February 2014)

(HD Blu-Ray) European Railway: Issue 53 (January-February 2014)

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GERMANY - in our first section we take a look at trains and traction that can be found on the main rail route north of Augsburg, part of the through line between München and Nürnberg and onwards to Würzburg. There are a large mixture of train types to be seen with local services operated by new class 440 EMUs, class 612 diesel units and class 111-powered loco and coach formations. Intercity services feature Class 402 and 411 ICE trainsets as well as Class 101, 120 and MRCE 182 locomotives. Freight trains are more numerous with class 185, 186, 189, 151, 182 and 152 all featuring on a variety of intermodal, block freight and mixed wagonload services.

SPAIN – a journey is made to the south-east of the country on the route linking Madrid with Valencia and Alicante. Filmed in August 2012 we see both the classic and new high-speed lines close to the town of Almansa. The superb southern Spain scenery complements the trains as they make their way through the 40-degree heat, travelling on new rail lines through picturesque valleys lined with fruit trees and vineyards. A range of electric and diesel traction is seen at work.

AUSTRIA - the main marshalling yard south of the City of Vienna is the busiest in the country: we spend an evening in July 2013 watching trains depart on their way to destinations far and wide. Classes 1063, 1144, 185, 189, 1116 and 2016 dominate on the freight services seen. Also passing by are passenger trains on the line down to Parndorf including 1047 and 1116.

BELGIUM – a study of trains on the line between Leuven and Liege. Our location is around the town of Tienen, south-east of Brussels, as a variety of modern-day passenger trains are witnessed. Rush-hour commuter services dominate with new class 18 & 19, as well as older class 21 and 27s on a variety of coaching stock, together with EMUs on local stopping services.

GERMANY - a second visit to the country, this time to view diesels on the line between Buchloe and München in Bavaria. Class 218 and 223 dominate on the passenger services seen.

FRANCE - we take a look at the mainline between Paris and St.Quentin in the northeast of the country. Commuter, intercity and freight trains are all seen at a variety of locations. Electric multiple units in the shape of z26500 as well as new bi-mode (Bi-Bi) B82600 trainsets are witnessed at work, together with BB15000 and BB22200 electric locomotives on hauled passenger stock. On the freight side we see, ECR class 66, BB60600, BB75000 and BB27000 on various services.