(HD Blu-Ray) European Railway: Issue 64 (November-December 2015)

(HD Blu-Ray) European Railway: Issue 64 (November-December 2015)

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Run-time 1hr and 47 mins approx.

In this programme we travel to:

SLOVAKIA - we study trains and traction on the main route linking Bratislava with Budapest in Hungary. Beginning at Štúrovo close to the Danube we head north-west to a point close to Šaľa. Classes 230, 240, 263, 350, 361, 362, 363, 380, ES499, 671 and private classes 189 and 193 all appear on passenger or freight.

FRANCE - with 2016 likely to be the last year when CC72100 diesels will be seen in everyday operation; we visit the area to the south-east of Paris to look at the class in action. In addition, we also see B82500 bi-mode units, BB60000, BB75000, Y8200, Euro 4000 & Class 66.

AUSTRIA - the very busy main line to the south of Wien on the route to Hungary, Bratislava and Ebenfurth is our next location in the programme. Classes 193, 1116, 185, 1142, 1144, 4124 and 2016 make up the majority of traction types to be seen. The line is particularly busy with freight traffic of all types, whether it is transit or domestic traffic.

SWITZERLAND - this is the first part of our look at the Jura foot line to the east of Solothurn, through Wangen to Niederbipp and Oensingen as well as the branch up to Belsthal. This busy transit route boasts local passenger, intercity as well as significant numbers of freight trains. Classes, Re4/4, Re6/6, 460 and 523 make up the majority of types to be seen. We also feature both of the last green-liveried class Re6/6s - on consecutive trains!

GERMANY - a look at action through the Rhine tourist town of Rüdesheim. Our stopover covers the late evening and early morning with some great night sequences as a spectacular sunrise over the river. Classes 151, 152, 185, 189, 428, 482 are amongst those seen.