(HD Blu-Ray) European Railway: Issue 68 (July - August 2016)

(HD Blu-Ray) European Railway: Issue 68 (July - August 2016)

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1 hour 46 mins

LUXEMBOURG - passenger and freight action from the south of the country close to Schifflange and Bettembourg. Vossloh freight diesels, class 13 and CFL class 4000 are amongst those seen in action.

AUSTRIA - an early evening visit to the station at Pörtschach am WörtherSee with classes 1016, 1116, 1216, 1144 and 4024.

SLOVENIA - a major feature as we take a final look at diesels working on the line between Pragersko and Hodoš prior to electrification switch on. We have some seriously loud Class 664s for you! (Photo right).

POLAND - a busy junction next to the station at Czechowice-Dziedzice south-west of Krakow. Freight and passenger action with new and old trains on view.

GERMANY- action from around Eichenberg with diesel and electric units plus electrics on freight and passenger includes new class ED250.

FRANCE - commuter trains on view south of Toulouse with a last look at a BB8500 in action before withdrawal.

SWITZERLAND - a ‘freight fest’ with an extended study of mainline traffic through the stations at Dottikon-Dintikon and Hendschiken leading to the Gotthard route. Plenty of Re 4/4 and Re6/6s on view, plus an heritage Trans Europe Express Unit in action.