(HD Blu-Ray) European Railway: Issue 76 (November - December 2017)

(HD Blu-Ray) European Railway: Issue 76 (November - December 2017)

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SWITZERLAND - Part 1 of a look at the Rhätische Bahn and the route between Landquart and Samedan via Klosters. Part 2 will feature in the next programme, this edition features the route between Landquart and Küblis. The majority of trains seen are locomotive operated using the line’s Class GE4/4 II and Ge4/4 III electric locos: new deliveries of electric units in the next few years look set to replace much of the rolling stock that we see.

FRANCE - we look at the busy mainline south of Strasbourg at Kobenheim, just north of Sélestat. Ten different train-types are seen including examples from the small fleet of BB26000 electrics that work services to Basel. BB37000, G1206, class 186 and BB69400 are all seen on freight.

GERMANY - the four-track route from Wunstorf to Seelze Yard to the west of Hanover is looked at, with eighteen motive-classes witnessed on a mixture of electrically-hauled and diesel hauled services.

SWITZERLAND - a study of passenger trains on the largely single-track line from Winterthur to Schaffhausen, with top-and-tailed class 420 locos included on commuter trains from and to Zürich.

SLOVAKIA - the diesel-operated rural lines around Prievidza are looked at next, with some classic loco-hauled passenger and freight workings, with some VERY LOUD class 751s in action!!!