(HD Blu-Ray) European Railway: Issue 88 (November - December 2019)

(HD Blu-Ray) European Railway: Issue 88 (November - December 2019)

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FRANCE - the line north of Dijon towards Culmont-Chalindrey cuts through rolling hills and open countryside: it is a busy line with a wide variety of traction, including: BB22200, BB26000, BB27000, BB37000, BB37500, Euro4000, BB75000, BB69400, TGV, z27500, B80500 and class 186.

SWITZERLAND - the first of a two-part feature looking at the main line south of Lugano to Chiasso. Part of the Gotthard Route it is a busy passenger and freight artery in this southern alpine area. We also call in to the metre-gauge Ferrovie Luganesi as we look at the smiley-faced 4/12 units at work. Classes 421, 620, 524, 500 and 610 are all seen at work.

GERMANY - we look at the main line running along the Elbe River Valley between mainline action between Königstein and Pirna. Class 193, 372, 143, 146, 185, 186, 386, 189, 383 and 187 all feature on a mixture of passenger and freight workings.

SLOVAKIA - the eastern approach tracks from Košice to the large US Steel plant to the south-west is featured. Diesels from classes 774, 751 and 52, plus electrics from classes 131, 182 and 363 are also seen on freight.

Tail-lamp - a class 243 is seen at work west of Braunschweig.