(HD Blu-Ray) European Railway: Loco-Hauled 2013-14

(HD Blu-Ray) European Railway: Loco-Hauled 2013-14

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Run-time 1hour and 57 minutes approx.

GERMANY - we visit the mainline between Hamburg and Westerland with Classes DE 2700, ER20, 143, 216 and 218 all seen in action - one of the highlights being the crossing of the huge Hochdonn High Bridge from on-board a crossing passenger train.

HUNGARY - action from around Gyor with classes 478, 418 and 651. We include rides behind classes 418 and 651 (ex DB class 232 family - and featured as our main cover photo), both filmed from the first coach.

DENMARK - a real thrash extravaganza in this section as we focus on the powerful ME 1500s with their General motors-fitted engines which generate significant noise levels when powering away. The locomotives are filmed on commuter services to the west of Copenhagen (See front-cover picture).

FRANCE - in this section we cover northern France with BB67400 on the Boulogne line, BB22200 at Amiens, BB15000 on the line to Rouen with BB17000 (see cover photo) and BB27300 seen on services on the northern outskirts of Paris.

GERMANY - further German traction is featured as we look at class 218 activity around Hanover, class 111s around Münster, a class 181 at Koblenz, a class 143 at Dillingen, followed by a trip to Bavaria with classes 223 and 218 out of München, including further 218s (see picture above) and a 2143 on the Oberstdorf branch. The section also includes scenes filmed from the front coach behind classes 218 and 2143. The feature concludes with class 103 action around Mannheim and Stuttgart.

POLAND - EP07 electrics are seen around Szczecin before we turn to diesel-haulage with class SU46s around Forst and Cottbus.

FRANCE - we resume our journey around France with a look at BB25500 (see picture left) and BB67400 on services around Strasbourg and Nancy, before moving to the Paris to Troyes mainline to sample the big CC72100 diesels at work. This section also includes various scenes taken from on board the train for added thrash value!

GERMANY - Dampfspektakel 2014 means Steam and diesels! We have a variety of steam locomotives at work during the event, including on-board footage behind classes 52 and 41 mixed with an exciting ride behind preserved V100 diesel number 2299 from Neustadt to Mannheim. This footage complements our ‘Dampfspektakel 2014’ DVD which is also available.