(HD Blu-Ray) Just Sea - the Cornish Surf on Camera (2011 - 2012)

(HD Blu-Ray) Just Sea - the Cornish Surf on Camera (2011 - 2012)

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Run-time 103 mins approx

Filmed in 2011 and 2012, we take a journey around some of Cornwall's beach resorts, taking in the sea air, or more precisely the sea itself; as we witness, the choppy seas around Charlestown, some mighty surf on the Cribbar at Newquay, Summer evening scenes overlooking the sea at Perranporth, 10-foot breakers at Portreath, huge storm waves at Porthleven and large surf waves on Fistral Beach. If you like watching the sea, you'll love this!

The pictures on the DVD sleeve are actual screenshots taken from the programme & represent just a little of what is contained in this DVD. Whether you are a visitor to the county or a resident, the sea dominates the lives of many that live in the Duchy. We have compiled footage from not only some of the very best surf conditions, but also during gale-force winds when the sea was at its most awesome. The sight of waves breaking over the cliffs at Porthleven are both spectacular & ferocious in their nature. It is not just rough seas that attract the observer, but the tranquillity of seeing the sun set over Atlantic breakers, such as we capture when we call in at Perranporth. The south coast is often much quieter when compared to the sea conditions found on the north-facing coast, but a south-easterly wind can whip the waves up as we discovered at the delightful harbour at Charlestown. This programme concludes with some stunning surf - estimated at some 15-foot high - as we watch the waves break over the Cribbar at Newquay. This programme is a great laid-back way to sit in a comfy chair, relax & take the natural scenes in, you can almost taste the salt in your mouth! If you love watching the sea, you'll love watching this!