(Standard DVD) American Railway: Trains around Kentucky, Vol 4

(Standard DVD) American Railway: Trains around Kentucky, Vol 4

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Run-time: 1h 18mins approx.

This programme is the first in a three-part series featuring the railways to be found in the US State of Kentucky. and in the neighbouring States of Illinois and Tennessee.

Filmed in May 2008 we also call into the Bluegrass Railroad Museum to look at the preserved stock on display. The mainline routes through Kentucky abound with different types of traction sporting many different and colourful liveries: we see examples from BNSF, CSX, NS, R J CORMAN, KCS, CONRAIL, and UNION PACIFIC. Many of the sequences show the full length of the train - not cut off as soon as the train locos have passed by! We feature the lines south of Lexington where NS Dash-9s are seen on double-stack container trains and mixed freights; onwards to Guthrie and Crofton where CSX traction is seen on grain and coal traffic. Two of the major bridges that cross the Ohio and great Mississippi rivers are viewed at Henderson and Thebes, where we also witness a working steam-driven paddle steamer making its way onto the river. We conclude the programme in northern Tennessee as BNSF and NS traction storm by the camera with horns blazing - if you like big US railroad action, you'll love this!