(Standard DVD) American Railway: Trains around Kentucky, Vol 6

(Standard DVD) American Railway: Trains around Kentucky, Vol 6

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This programme is the third and final part in our series on the railways to be found in the US State of Kentucky & in the neighbouring States of Illinois and Ohio. Louisville – a significant railway crossroads in the west of the State; we call in to various yards and to the junction at Central Avenue, here CSX Dash9-ES44 are seen on long trains of car transporters, also seen are R J Corman GM-GP38-2, and SD40-2 locos on empty slab and CSX Dash-8s on a manifest. North of the city we see ancient 1950s Louisville and Indiana Railroad’s GP-11s during shunting operations.

Waddy – East of Louisville on the Norfolk Central mainline to the south into Tennessee. Dash 9-C40s, GP38-2, SD60, SD70, GE Dash-8 make up the motive power to be seen on a mixture of freight services.

Southern Kentucky - we previously visited the lines around Sloans Valley in issue number 5, this time we see more long freights struggling up the gradients between the rocky escarpments, including Dash-9s, Dash-8s and SD-60m.

Hamilton – north of Cincinnati as CSX SD-60, Dash-8, SD-40-2 and NS Dash-9 are seen on manifests, racks and stacks through this busy junction location. We continue to the town of Carlisle as autoracks and a manifest blast their way north, with Dash-8s and SD-40s up front.

South of Dayton, Ohio - CSX AC44 , SD50 on a long manifest, a Power Station Switcher, CN SD-60f, Dash-8, Dash-9, SD-40-2, CSX SD-60s are just some of the engines seen on a parallel CSX and NS mainline to the south, near to the town of Carlisle.

La Grange – more incredible footage of trains running through the main street of this town situated just to the north of Louisville. CSX SD70-mac, SD-60, ES44-DC, AC-44W, SD40-2, SD-50 and Dash-8 make up the locomotives seen on manifests and trains of Autoracks.