(Standard DVD) British Railways Today: Issue 7 - July 2023

(Standard DVD) British Railways Today: Issue 7 - July 2023

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Run-time: 1 hour and 43 mins approx.

An occasional series featuring trains in action from the National Network as well as on Heritage Lines in Britain.

This programme features the second part of our look at trains through Stafford station on a typical late afternoon and evening. Freight traffic is busy with a continuous stream of container, intermodal, engineers and stone train services. Local passenger trains feature class 350 electric units and longer-distance passenger workings are in the hands of class 220/221 and 390s. There’s also some serious thrash from class 37, no 37 401 as well as Class 66 and 70s on freight.

Colton Junction, south of York, is featured where the East Coast Main Line breaks away from the tracks south to Church Fenton. Classes 150, 153, 158, 185, 195, 220, 221, 37, 60 and 66 as well as IETs are all seen on various workings.

The 2023 West Somerset Diesel Gala featured 55 009 as it’s major guest appearance as well as other locomotive visitors. We concentrate on 55 009 as well as class 25 and class 33s. We finish the section with a visit to Bruton to witness Class 40, number 40 145, powering up the grade with a railtour from Weymouth.

A look at electric multiple units and Class 66s on stone workings to the north of Lews and on the Newhaven branch towards Seaford. Class 313 units were in their final months of traffic and these are witnessed south of Newhaven.

Finally, we return to Stafford station to continue our evening’s entertainment.