(Standard DVD) Country Collection - Germany:  Volume 4

(Standard DVD) Country Collection - Germany: Volume 4

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Extracts from the European Railway series of programmes.

Bavarian 218s – Class 218 diesels are now very much on the decline; we sample their duties at Biessenhofen on the line from Munich to Kempten and Füssen in southern Germany. Class 628 and 612 DMUs are also seen.

Montzen Viaduct – a class 241 crosses the magnificent bridge.

Grosskorbetha - The junction town of Großkorbetha is situated to the south of Halle and to the west of Leipzig in a major industrial region. Freight and passenger traffic is both busy and varied as we study activity on a weekday evening in June 2004. East German diesel and electric locomotives dominate the scene interspersed with the latest DB traction.

Rhine Part 1 - The Rhein main lines at Remagen and Koblenz are visited in this feature of current DB freight and passenger activity. Class 'Euro 66', 101, 120, 140, 143, 146, 151, 152, 155, & 185 are included.

Mannheim north - Our first location features ICE trains as well as class 111-operated local services. The other line sees a wide variety of motive power including intercity trains hauled by class 101 and 120 electrics, local services with class 110, 111 and 146s in charge, whilst on freight we see 152, 145, 185, 482 and Dispolok EU64s.

Rhine Part 2 - Part 2 of our Rhein survey as we visit the town of Linz. Freight traffic dominates as we sample classes 'euro 66', 140, 143, 151, 152, 182, 185, 189 and 425.