(Standard DVD) Country Collection - Italy: Volume 1

(Standard DVD) Country Collection - Italy: Volume 1

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This programme contains country sections from the European Railway Magazine series from Winter 2002 to Autumn 2008.

Class 343 diesel in action on freight near Torino; Italian oldies at work including 645, 636, 424 Aln802 at work on passenger and freight in the north of the country;

Coastal activity at Chiavari with class 656 and an E.M.U.;

Grizzana on the mainline between Bologna and Firenze with 636, 402, 444, 645 and electric multiple units, amidst rolling countryside; Main line trains around Bologna and Arezzo with classes 645, 655, 664, ETR500, 636 on passenger and freight on busy main lines to the south and the north of the city;

Passenger trains at Orbetello situated on the coastal route to the north of Roma with class 656 and 444. The southern ‘foot’ of Italy is served by a number of single-track secondary routes.

We look at both diesel and electric activity on the line between Sibari and Taranto. Locos include class 445 diesels, 424 & 656 electrics & class 668 diesel units on a variety of passenger turns; filmed in April 2004.

A brief look at passenger and freight activity on the private ACT Reggio Emilia line including a pre-series German class 216 diesel in action on china-clay trains. also witnessed are this private operator’s passenger trains.

Lineside Interlude: Italian passenger trains passing over a long viaduct north of Orvieto.

A look at trains seen running under the famous Ponti della Valle Aqueduct.

Sicily - we study activity to be found on the lines to the north & east of the island, as well as taking a brief look at diesel-operated branch line services. Class 464, 646 & 656 electrics dominate.