(Standard DVD) European Railway: Extra Edition 2012

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Extra Edition 2012

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Run-time 1hour 39mins

GERMANY – a look at the main line linking Aachen with Münchengladbach. Filmed in 2011 and 2012, we see class 111-operated semi-fast passenger services and class 425 electric units on local duties. We also include class 110 electrics on some of their last duties before they were taken off this route as well as a class 140 on freight.

FRANCE – two sections on lines to the south-west of Paris. First we look briefly at the route out to Chartres. BB8500, and BB26000 are seen as well as new electric multiple units at work on typical passenger duties. We also head further south and a study of rail operations on the mainline to the east of Blois on the route down to Tours. New electric Z21500 units as well as BB26000 and BB7200 electric locomotives are seen on passenger duties, whilst ColasRail G1206, ECR class 66 and ECR class 186 are caught on freight services.

SLOVENIA – A return visit is made to the junction town of Divaca, which was briefly visited in ‘European Railway Issue 38’. In this May 2012 material, we witness a surprising level of freight traffic as well as locomotive-hauled passenger trains and electric units and a class 664 diesel on banking duties. Electric classes 541, 363 and OBB 1216 are all seen.

SWITZERLAND – night-time at Olten. This famous Swiss hotspot is our location late on the evening of 24th May 2012 as we filmed from one of the balconies of the Hotel Amaris, which overlooks the southern end of the station. We witness constant activity from eleven p.m. through until just after midnight.

GERMANY – our second visit to DB land, this time to the busy line just south of Großkorbetha to the south of Halle. Classes 101, 143, 155, 185, 203, 232, 411 and Dispolok-MRCE 182 (1116) are just some of the classes seen on freight and passenger duties. Nearby chemical works and the fact that it is on a main freight route to Berlin and Dresden makes the freight scene very interesting. Intercity expresses ply the same route on services to Frankfurt and Munich.

POLAND – one of the busiest freight routes around Katowice in the Upper Silesian Coalfield is near to Tarnowskie Gory. We have visited parts of this line in earlier editions of European Railway; in this section we bring you right up to date with the latest motive power to be seen on the route. Classes ET22, ET41, ET42, EU07, ET57, S200, Czech class 183, SM31, 620 and ET05 all appear, in this fascinating country in the east of Europe.