(Standard DVD) European Railway in Retrospect: Issue 1

(Standard DVD) European Railway in Retrospect: Issue 1

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Switzerland: – a visit is made to the city of Basel in 1996, as we witness electric traction at work on freight and passenger. We then travel to the famous ‘Gotthard route, where we see class 460s on freight, Re 6/6s on passenger as well as Re 4/4 and Ae 6/6s.

Luxembourg – a look at passenger and freight traffic, with centre-cab Class 3600 electrics, ancient class 250 and 260 multiple units & class 1800 & 850 diesels, in this fascinating trip back in time.

Germany - Buchloe, to the west of Munich, lies on the non-electrified lines to the south. In 1996 old style liveries and class 218s were the order of the day! We even see a class 215 and a class 212 in action on freight traffic.

Belgium - we are deep into Nohab/GM country as we call in to Bertrix station in 1998, where we find class 52, 53, 54 and 55s all in action. There is also a diminutive class 91 shunter making more noise than you care to think about, as well as the box-like type 44 and 45 DMUs working some of their last regular duties.

France – more ‘Flat-iron’ action as we track down BB12000s working out of Pagny-sur-Meuse on limestone trains; we also look at the line north of Nancy where BB16500, BB25100 and BB66400 are witnessed on a variety of workings.

Austria – The Brenner Pass is viewed with class 1042 and 1044 electrics dominating on freight and passenger workings, on this classic mainline through the scenic mountains overlooking the village of St.Jodok. DB class 139s also appear.