(Standard DVD) European Railway in Retrospect: Issue 3

(Standard DVD) European Railway in Retrospect: Issue 3

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Luxembourg – a visit to the line north of the city in May 1998, where we see CFL class 3600 ‘flat-iron’ electric at work, a CFL class 1800 diesel on passenger as well as SNCB class 55 diesels on services to and from Liege. A real blast from the past this considering how much more modernised the network is today.

Germany - most of the diesels shown in this section have now been withdrawn as we travel back to 1994 to Gotha and to the west of Erfurt in the former DR region. Class 232 on passenger and freight dominate, we also see class 219 and 228 on local services. At Gotha we also witness class 202 on passenger and freight as well as one of the then few operational class 231 diesels at work. Watching mainline diesels at the head of short local passenger services is still difficult to take in – even today: fascinating action straight out of the archive!!

France – diesel action at Langres in 1996 as ‘screaming’ CC72000 diesels are seen on passenger trains to and from Paris – a pair of BB66000 diesels are also seen on a train of pallet wagons.

Czech Republic – Vsetaty and Kralupy is situated on the main line to the north-east of Prague; we visited in 1998 and captured class 770 and 753 diesels in action, class 122, 123, 163 and DB 180 electrics on freight and passenger, 1960s vintage class 451 electric units and now withdrawn class 853 diesel units.

Italy – lines around Turin are featured in this 1998 footage as we see class 652 electrics on passenger and freight, Class 444 on intercity passenger and ‘historic’ class 636 an 645 – most of which are now long withdrawn.

France – Jeumont and Quevy in the north-eastern part of the country is our chosen location from 1996 where we witness SNCF and SNCB traction at work on cross-border freight. BB26000, 12000, BB66000 and SNCB 23 and 26 are all featured in this look back over time. We also see now almost extinct BB16500 electrics and x4500 diesel units on local passenger services.