(Standard DVD) European Railway in Retrospect: Issue 6

(Standard DVD) European Railway in Retrospect: Issue 6

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France – the French CC72000 and BB67300 family of diesels are now in decline as new modern diesel multiple units are introduced. In our opening section we take a look at both of these locomotive types working services across different parts of the country. We begin on the Paris to Mulhouse line where CC72100 diesels are in charge of intercity services; we also look at BB67300 on local services around Boulogne Provins, Creil and around Grenoble and the line to Aix-les-Bains.

Germany – in our first section we look at traffic from four locations east of Hannover and north of Braunchwieg. The first is at Falersleben where we study July 1994 material which features Class 218, 219, and 232 diesels on passenger and freight. Our second location is at the junction at Gleidingen near to the massive steelworks at Beddingen and dates from 2004. Freight and passenger trains are seen with Classes 101, 111, 112, 140, 145, 152, ICE and V160 diesels in charge. Our third location is at the busy junction at Lehrte, where 1994 material sees class 140, 141, 111, 232 and 216 locomotives in action on all manner of coaching stock. Finally, we pay a visit to the Nordstemmen area where 140, 141, 112, 103 and 151 are just some of those seen in operation – not a class 185 in sight!!!

Slovakia – a look at electric action from the country’s capitol city at Bratislava in 2009 – classes 362, 230, 210 and 350 all appear. Austria –a ride along the ‘Mariazellerbahn from St.Polten, with a variety of station locations and scenes taken from on board the trains – class 1099s provide the power.

Belgium – Charleroi is our chosen location from 1999 as a variety of electric multiple units and locomotives are seen. Class 23, 26 and 27 dominate on passenger and freight turns.

Luxembourg - we travel to the busy station at Bettembourg on the mainline between Luxemburg and Northern France. SNCF class BB16500 and BB15000 electrics are seen as well as a CFL 3600 monocabine electric and class 1800 diesels on freight.