(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 105 (2024)

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SWITZERLAND - The Junction town of Effretikon on the four-track section of line east of Zurich and on towards Winterthur, sees almost constant train action and non more so than during the morning and evening rush hours. In October 2023 we paid an late afternoon visit to the station to see out the action. Classes 420, 450, 460, 502, 511 and 514 are seen. HUNGARY - another look at train action around Budapest. Beginning at the north-eastern terminal station at Nyugati with classes 416, 432, 630, 380, 431 and 460 working into the station. We continue with a visit to the city’s southern avoiding line, with class 240, 480, 193, 1116, and 471 adding to the variety. We conclude at Kelenfold station with 433, 630, 240, 470, M62 and 1116 at work. GERMANY - we visit one of the busiest freight-watching locations in the country at Hannover-Linden. Situated on the southern-bypass line there is a constant stream of activity with a wide range of motive power types to be seen from the latest high-power electrics to older heritage traction. FRANCE - we continue with our feature on the final period of loco-hauled action on the line south of Paris. Filmed in September 2023, BB7200, BB26000, BB27000, BB60000 and new x56700 are witnessed hurtling past our cameras. CZECHIA - a study of train action from Prague where passenger and freight workings are seen in the east of the city. A good selection of power types are witnessed in a variety of liveries and colour schemes. Sit back and watch classes 162, 150, 151, 471, 742, 680, 845, 122, 363, 361 and 151 pass our camera.