(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 17 (Summer 2005)

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 17 (Summer 2005)

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The Video Magazine for the Continental enthusiast. Run-time 60 mins approx.

Belgium: a look at passenger and freight traffic on the line to the west of Namur. Included are a range of electric multiple units and main line diesel and electric locos including endangered class 26s.

Holland: Three scenes of trains by operator ACTS featuring ex-UK class 58 diesel number 5811, Dutch class 1200 electrics and an ex-Belgian class 62.

Lithuania: A visit to the Vilnius area as we feature Soviet made TEP60, TEP70, 2M62, M62 and 2TEN diesel locos in action as well as a number of electric multiple units. Some massive freight trains are seen hauled by some equally massive locomotives!

Switzerland: We visit the area around Wassen on the St. Gotthard man line and sample some of the superb freight and passenger trains to be seen amid spectacular mountain scenery.

Czech Republic: The junction town of Ceské Budéjovice is the focal point as we look at the various lines radiating from it. We see class 230, 240, 242 and 363 electrics and class 749 diesels.

Belgium: A study of a DB class 242 traversing the spectacular 1153-metre Moresnet viaduct.

France: The new BB27000 electrics are now establishing themselves on freight around the country, we take a look at the class in action.

Luxembourg: A final view of a centre-cab class 3600 electric prior to the withdrawal of the class in March 2005.