(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 24 (Spring 2007)

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 24 (Spring 2007)

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The video magazine for the continental enthusiast. run-time approx 74 mins.

Germany - Mühldorf: the final outpost of the remaining class 217 diesels as we study freight and local passenger workings in this non-electrified area of south-east Germany. The single-track branch line to Burghausen has up to 14 return freight services along it each day, we see a number of these headed by pairs of class 217s or single class 233 - the latter a recent type introduced as the eventual replacement for the 217s. We look at activity on other lines in the area as well as a visit to Mühldorf where we see the then last regular class 213 in operation.

Switzerland - night scenes at Pratteln: the mainline south within the suburbs of Basel is featured as we look at the latest developments in the modern rail scene in this part of Switzerland. New class 185, 482 and 485 are seen together with class 460, Re 4/4, Re 6/6, Ae 6/6, & Taurus EU64 on various workings.

France - Molsheim: a look at diesel activity on the lines south-west of Strasbourg where brand new trains are replacing the traditional loco-hauled workings.

Italy - Class 636 and 645 electrics on freight in 1998.

Germany - new trains on order will spell the end for most of the class 143 electrics in the coming years, we look at the class at work on the line from Freiburg to Titisee - a popular tourist area in the Black Forest.

Luxembourg - a steady replacement of rolling stock within Luxembourg over the past few years has resulted in brand new trains now in operation; we called in to Noertzange station to witness the current freight & passenger scene. Class 2200 units, classes 3000 & 4000 locos & Belgian class 13 all appear.

Austria - the Zillertalbahn. Narrow-gauge activity south of Jenbach as we study operations in glorious summer weather conditions on the section to Fügen-Hart. We look at freight being carried in standard-gauge vehicles attached to special transporter-wagons, with loads so heavy that they push their diesels to the very limit. Summer steam-hauled action is also witnessed as well as push-pull diesel operated passenger trains and multiple units at work on this busy line.