(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 27 (Winter 2007/2008)

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 27 (Winter 2007/2008)

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Poland - the second part of our visit to the Tarnowskie Gory area to the north of Katowice. This time we study the incredible variety of motive power and operating companies now to be found on the PKP network. Diesels include Sulzer-powered 060As, M62, Tem2 and SM31. Electric variety comes in the shape of ET21, ET22 and double-units' ET41, ET42 and ET43.

Spain - a study of rail activity around the junction town of Bobadilla in the south of the country. Class 319 diesels and class 289 electrics dominate the variety of passenger and freight workings seen. Class 292 and 198 diesel units are also seen on rural line services - highlight is a shot of an ex-BR class 58 diesel running on the nearby new high-speed line.

France - lines around Rouen, Part 2: this time we concentrate on the marshalling yard around Sotteville. Heritage x4500 and x4900 diesel units work local passenger services, whilst BB16000, BB15000, BB22200 and BB27000 work freight and passenger, as well as Y8100, BB63000 and BB67400 heritage diesels.

Czech Republic - The main line south of Brno is witnessed in our evening stopover. Class 560 electric units, class 230, 242, and 363 locomotives are seen as well as a class 704 shunting loco on a variety of passenger and freight traffic on this through route to Austria and Slovakia. Austria - Schwarzach-St.Viet at the foot of the Touern Pass route to Villach is visited both in 2016 and 2000 to give a sense of how the rail scene in the country is changing. New locomotives and multiple units have taken over many of the workings from the old order; we feature classes 189, 1042, 1044, 1142, 1110, 1116, 1163, 4010 and 4024 in our survey of passenger and freight traffic.

Germany - a look back at rail operations in 1997 and 2006 as we visit the former east German town of Zeitz; class 232 diesels dominate on workings as well as classes 628, 641 and 772. coal trains to the industrial plants around Muselweitz are featured as well as steam in the shape of 58-3047 working a special mixed freight through the town pf Troglitz - a real blast from the past!

France - a class 67300 diesel heads a passenger train over the impressive Martigues swing-bridge.