(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 29 (Summer 2008)

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 29 (Summer 2008)

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DVD - runtime approx. 77 mins

Poland – a visit is made to the ‘Steel and Sulphur Railway’ (LHS) to witness the ST44 diesels working along this Russian broad-gauge route. We also see PKP standard gauge action with class ST44, SM48 & SP32 amongst those seen on passenger & freight.

Portugal – a look at the city of Porto. Class 1400 diesels are based on the BR class 20; we see these on trip freights & shunting duties as well as a class 1960 diesel with rather a loud exhaust beat! Also local suburban electric units, class 5600 on passenger & freight & a ‘Pendolino’ trainset. Highlight is a freight powered by heritage Class 2500 & 2560 electrics.

Switzerland – our hot-spot feature takes us to the junction town of Arth-Goldau on the main Gotthard pass route towards Italy. This extended visit features a whole host of electric classes including, Re 4/4, Re 6/6, Ae 6/6, class 460, 482, 456, DB class 185, Class 470 Pendolino, class 523, 576 & 560.

Italy – We study activity to be found on the lines to the north & east of the island, as well as taking a brief look at diesel-operated branch line services. Class 464, 646 & 656 electrics dominate.

Switzerland – French invasion! X2800 diesel units are seen at work in June 2008 on the branch line from Le Pont.

Germany – Cologne West: in our 60-min stop we saw Class 644, 425, 401, 101, 120, 140, 146, 151, 185, 189, & 66 amongst others. Non-stop action!