(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 30 (Autumn 2008)

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 30 (Autumn 2008)

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France – the junction town of Amberieu is at the gateway of busy lines into the Alps; we study freight and passenger action with locos from classes ECR 66, BB9600, BB7200, 22200, 26000, 36000, 63000, 25150, 25200, 25500 & BB67300.

Portugal - a survey of trains on the route between Coimbra and south towards Lisbon. Classes 5600, 2500, 2560, 1620, 1960, 2240 and 4000 all feature.

Hungary - a look back to 2006 and summer diesel activity near Tapolca, with class M41 dominating as well as the rare sight of a class M40 on passenger!

Germany - a visit to the busy freight lines south of Oberhausen in the Rhur Valley; at least 12 classes of loco are seen in action on all manner of freight services!

The Netherlands - Part 1 of a feature on the mainline that runs north of Eindhoven. We see old & new electric multiple units in action, new-style ‘regio runner’ units, loco-hauled intercity passenger trains as well as a mixture of diesel & electric-hauled freight services.

France - a look at rail activity on the line from Paris to Cherbourg to the east of Caen. An ECR class 66 is seen on stone traffic, new AGC diesel & electric units in action as well as express passenger services hauled by BB26000, BB16000 & BB15000 electrics. Also featured is a triple-headed BB67300 hauled freight!

Germany - Rotenburg just east of Bremen is on the mainline to Hamburg; we look back at action from 2003 as well as current-day night scenes with DB 101, 110, 112, 140, 145, 155, 185, 363, Cl66 & private operator traction.