(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 31 (Winter 2008/09)

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 31 (Winter 2008/09)

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France – the town of Chagny is visited which lies on the main line south of Dijon. Freight action features Y7500, BB22200, BB7200, BB26000 and BB37500, whereas on passenger we see; BB25500, BB7200, BB22200, BB9200 as well as new and old electric diesel multiple units. This is a busy location for the railway observer: this section offers a taste of what can be seen in this central part of France adjacent to the motorways that lead south.

Czech Republic/Slovakia – we study two north-south mainlines that are the mirror-image of each other, one being in the Czech Republic and the other in western Slovakia. A whole host of electrics are seen, including 162, 163, 240, 362, 363, 181, 184 and diesel 742; making up a cross-section of the activity from two countries on the verge of modernisation.

Austria - a survey of trains just to the north of Jenbach, featuring private-operator class 182, 185 and 189, class 1044, 1144, 1016, 1116 and DB class 111. This is a snap-shot of activity on this very busy mainline linking Italy with Germany.

The Netherlands – Part 2 of our feature on the lines around Boxtel station to the north of Eindhoven. Euro Class 66, 1602 and 6400 all feature on freight as well as Plan V, Plan T, IRM electric units and class 1800-locos on passenger services.

Germany - a visit to the busy freight lines that run to the south of the city of Berlin. We stop off for some evening observation at the small station at Saarmund as, Dispolok 1116, DB 182, 185, 189, 152, 155, 143 and 233 all feature.

Portugal – we travel to Praias Sado to witness diesel activity in this industrial area south of Lisbon. Old DMUs which were replaced by electric units at the start of the 12 December 2008 timetables changes are seen, as well as class 1900 and 1550 diesels at work on freight at this busy junction area. A class 5600 electric is also seen on an intercity train for Faro.

France – documenting the rail scene in France is a must as massive investment in new rolling stock will see changes made forever. We spend time by the lineside around Dax and Tarbes in the south-west corner of the country as we see, endangered BB8500 and BB9300, as well as BB7200, TGVs and a variety of electric units, with distant mountain scenery.