(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 32 (Spring 2009)

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 32 (Spring 2009)

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Belgium – we study rush-hour activity on the line from Mons/Charleroi to Brussels, where we feature loco-hauled trains with Class 21 and 27, electric multiple units - some of which are now on the endangered list - class 77 diesels and a line-up of three SNSF class BB36000s. The second half of this feature takes us to Chatalet, just east of Charleroi, where a sizeable freight yard is located. As well as the usual passenger services, we see a pair of Class 55 diesels, one of just 4 operational class 62s in action, class 77 on freights, class 12 electric, an SNCF BB36000 on steel coil and class 73 shunters powering around on trip workings and undertaking hump-shunting duties – a real mixture at this busy railway location.

France – Lineside Interlude: a new class BB75000 diesel on freight followed by a TGV, south of Dunkerque.

Germany – Class 218 diesel action at Immenstadt, Bavaria, where an hour’s activity sees 4 examples arriving and running around their trains culminating in a rousing departure by a pair on an Intercity train.

Luxembourg – Schifflange is on a main freight and passenger line in the south of the country; we see new class 4000 electrics in action as well as SNCB class 13 on freight. A CFL class 3000 is seen on passenger and a vintage class 1800 diesel storms by with a long loaded train of steel.

Switzerland – Othmarginsen is a busy location situated on lines from Zurich to Olten and from Basel to the Gotthard. A detailed study is made of traffic in the area from electric multiple units to brand new class 843 diesels. We see Ae 6/6 locos on freight, class 460 on Intercity passenger, DB class 185 on freight, class 450 on commuter trains, Re 6/6 + Re 4/4 on freight, Class 560 tilting InterCity trains and a TGV-Duplex trainset. This is a real fascinating location for enthusiasts with up to 20 trains regularly seen each hour.

France – a look at the diesel operated line just to the south of Chaumont, where some excellent photographic opportunities are to be had as we follow the line next to a canal. There is plenty of reflective filming here as we see class CC72100 diesels, x4300 units as well as brand new AGC trains going about their early-morning business.

Hungary – we travel to the north of the country around Hatvan, where cross-border freight is witnessed with class M62, Slovakian 770 and 736 as well as an ex-Romanian Sulzer-powered class 060. Highlight of the feature is a class M40 ‘Poo-Posh’ diesel – a class in decline and notoriously difficult to track down - working and shunting a freight south of Hatvan.

Germany – a railway hot-spot near to the major city of Nürnberg. Fürth is located on busy lines to the north and sees up to 25 trains per hour. In this section we see endangered class 614 units on local services; class 139, 140, 143, 151, 152, 156, 185 and 189 on freight, as well as classes 111, 143, 146 and ICE trainsets on passenger workings.