Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 34 (Autumn 2009)

Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 34 (Autumn 2009)

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Germany – a visit is made to the busy avoiding lines around the city of Cologne, which see a considerable amount of freight and passenger workings, hauled by a wide variety of electric and diesel locomotive classes. Cologne south is the station we are based at where we see classes 101, 140, 146, 151, 155, 182, 185, 189, 218 and 225, as well as Privately-operated euro class 66s.

Hungary – there have been many line closures across the country in recent months as the economic downturn bites: we visit the branch line to Ozd in the north of the country, where traditional loco-hauled workings are still commonplace. Diesels from classes M62 and M41 are seen on a variety of passenger and freight workings: also included is a Slovakian unsilenced class 751 diesel making quite a racket!!!

Slovenia – The junction station at Pragersko is our focal point where we study mainline diesel and electric locomotives at work. On the diesel line into the town we witness class 643, 664 and 644 locomotives, whereas on the main electrified line we see class 312, 310 Pendolino, 814, 342 and 363 on a variety of freight and passenger turns.

France – a last look at class BB16500 electrics at work south of Strasbourg before their withdrawal, plus other - and more fortunate - mainline examples are seen from BB15000 and BB25500. A stopover is also made at Longuyon, situated north-west of Metz, where we see examples of mainline trains hauled by, BB27000, BB37000, Z11500, BB15000 and Belgian class 13.

Germany – we look at diesel activity at three different locations across the country; the first is in the south at Lindau, where Class E20 and DB class 218 are seen; we then travel north to the Ulm area, where diesel multiple units mix with class 218s on passenger services, and finally we cover the lines north of Hof, where class 232, 233 and ER20 are seen on freight, as well as Regiorunner and class 612 diesel units on the passenger workings.

Switzerland – a journey is made along the route of the Zentralbahn from Brienz to Alpnachstad, just south of Luzern. We see new class 130 electric multiple units in action as well as class 101 electrics hauling regional and Golden Pass services through the spectacular mountain scenery. Whilst at Brienz we see steam-hauled departures on the Brienz-Rothorn-Bahn, and we also witness railcars on the spectacularly steep Pilatus-Bahnen.