(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 36 (Spring 2010)

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 36 (Spring 2010)

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Switzerland – we cover two ‘hot-spots’ on busy freight & passenger lines, the first is at Immensee near to Lake Zug on the famous Gotthard mainline. With the lake as a backdrop we see a variety of loco-hauled passenger & freight workings along this busy three-track section of line. We also travel to the country station at Rupperswil on the four-track mainline east of Aarau. We cover the evening rush-hour with a host of intercity, local & a substantial quantity of freight traffic. Locos seen include members of Re4/4, Re6/6, Taurus, Ae6/6, 450 & 460.

Luxembourg – a sample of activity on the mainline between Luxemburg & Wasserbillig where local stopping services are seen with type 2000 electric units in charge, together with a class 1800 diesel & 4000 electrics on local passenger & freight: we conclude with a DB 181 loco on an intercity service.

Austria – the ‘Westbahn’ is the busy mainline railway west of Vienna. With a new alternative route being built, we take a look at the old order at Rekawinkel on the summit of the line as it traverses the Wienerwald hills. Taurus electrics dominate the passenger & freight workings, but we also see DB class 185, OBB 1044 & 1142 electrics in action.

Germany – the busy freight yard at Gremberg on the south-eastern outskirts of Cologne is one of the largest in the Rhein area. In this section we see private diesel shunters in action on local trip freights as well as wagonload freight trains interspersed with block container workings skirting around on the avoiding lines. Class 110, 151, 152, 155, 185, 189, 212, 290, 296, Belgian class 28, Swiss 481 & even a class 143 on freight are all seen.

The Netherlands – with electric multiple units dominating the country’s rail scene, we sample traffic to the south of Amsterdam on the line towards Utrecht & then south of Weesp on the line to Amersfoort. A variety of new & older units are seen as well as loco-hauled action with class 1700 & class 185 on containers.

Switzerland - a study of the RhB network covering the Berninabahn south of Pontresina. With the RhB ordering new electric multiple units the writing is on the wall for many of the older generation of electric trains, including the Abe 4/4 motor coaches. We study this class at work on trains up and down the Bernina Valley as a parting tribute to their current operations, all amidst the spectacular mountain scenery.