(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 37 (Summer 2010)

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 37 (Summer 2010)

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Poland – Mainline diesel activity in the south-east of Poland featuring medium and high-powered locomotives on freight and passenger duties in 2009. SM42, SM48, SU45, ST43, ST44, class 232 are those seen in action around Zamosc. Includes now withdrawn passenger services.

Germany – a look at the mainline linking Munich with Salzburg. Bordering the northern part of the Alps we see Austrian and German electrics in action. Class 101, 111, 151, 152, 185, 1116, 1216 and 294 all feature on various traffic types. Filmed in July 2010.

France – the busy stretch of line in the northern Vosges Mountains, close to Saverne, is our chosen location. This picturesque area is host to Classes z27500, z11500, TGV, BB15000, BB22200, BB26000, BB27000 and BB37000 electrics as well as an ECR G2000 diesel. Freight and passenger activity is seen at a number of photographic locations.

Switzerland – a taste of rural and industrial line activity as we study workings on the BLS secondary route linking Solothurn with Burgdorf. Ex-Mittellandbahn class 566 electric units appear as well as industrial shunters, some dating from the 1960s.

Germany – our second feature from this popular country as we look at the mainline that runs along the River Elbe south-east of Dresden. Using July 2010 material we see traction from the railways of Austria, The Czech Republic and of course Germany. Overnight sleeper services, diesel railcars, container trains, S-bahn passenger, mixed freight and international passenger trains are all seen amidst the splendid scenery.

France - a short stop-over at Caffiers, close to Calais, sees electric and diesel activity including ECR class 66. TGV, Eurostar, TER-2N, Vossloh G1200 and ex-EWS 66191 feature on examples of passenger and freight workings during the summer of 2009.

Belgium - the writing is on the wall for some of the country’s oldest electrics which date back to the mid-1950s as new, more modern, locomotives wait in the wings to replace them. We look at 2010 material filmed around Charleroi where endangered class 23 and 26 feature. We also see class 27 on passenger workings as well as a triple-headed class 77-hauled steel train in some superb twilight lighting conditions.