(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 43 (Winter 2011/12)

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 43 (Winter 2011/12)

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SWITZERLAND – a visit is made to the Rhätischebahn as we call into the busy Reichenau-Tamins station to the west of Chur. With snow on the ground we witness the results of a two-hour stopover with express passenger, S-Bahn local passenger & freight services all seen with a mixture of motive power at the front.

GERMANY – a look at the endangered class 420 electric multiple units at work near Stuttgart and Frankfurt-am-Main.

FRANCE – an extended look at diesels on passenger services throughout the country. First we look at intercity services on the line from Amiens to Boulogne with BB67400 diesels – we also catch a pair of ECR class 66s on a northbound intermodal. Next to Clermont Ferrand where BB67400 are seen at work on local passenger services to the south of the City. Finally we travel east to the Roanne area to look at Chalindrey’s BB67300 diesels at work on trains north of St.Etienne and services from Lyon.

CZECH REPUBLIC – this is the first of a two-part feature looking at the railways that run north of Prague up towards Germany along the Elbe River valley. Our first part features the line to the west of the river where classes 122, 123, 150, 162, 163, 363, 371, 471, 753 and 809 are all seen on a variety of freight and passenger turns.

SWITZERLAND - a return to this rail paradise, this time we’re off to Zurich and the main lines to the north and west. First we visit a suburban station on the route to Basel and then we travel to the impressive Limmattal marshalling yard just outside of the City. A wide variety of passenger stock is seen as well as plenty of freight activity and of course, those mighty Am6/6 diesel shunting locomotives!

GERMANY – we conclude our mini-series on the freight lines around Oberhausen and Duisburg with a look at freight and passenger action on the line that runs up to Emmerich and onwards into The Netherlands. Just north of Oberhausen Yard we see several mainline diesel classes of 203, G2000 and G1206 as well as electric locomotives from classes 146, 151, 155, and 189. This is a fascinating location in an area which is popular with European railway enthusiasts.

POLAND – our final section comes from the main line to the north of Kraków and the junction station at Kozlów. Intercity, local passenger, standard and broad gauge freight services are seen at this busy railway location. EP07, EP09, ET41, 182, as well as EN-57 and EN-71 electric units are all seen. The LHS broad gauge line also runs alongside the standard-gauge tracks here. A triple-headed class ST40 freight and a double-headed ST44 train are seen running to and from Katowice.