(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 47 (Jan-Feb 2013)

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 47 (Jan-Feb 2013)

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Runtime 1hour 41mins approx.

SLOVAKIA - main line to the east of Kosice on the way to The Ukraine. A mixture of standard-gauge and broad-gauge trains are seen amidst gently rolling hills in a quiet rural setting. Both passenger and freight services are seen hauled by a mixture of classes 162, 163, 131, 183, 125.8, class 460 EMUs and ancient class 140 electrics.

GERMANY - V200 007 at work on the branch to Dagbüll Mole.

SWITZERLAND - set amidst spectacular mountain and lakeside scenery, the town of Flüelen lies on the busy Gotthard main line. We paid a visit to this tourist town in May 2012 to study the railway that passes through its station. Classes 470, 500, 523, Re4/4, Re6/6 and DB class 185 are all seen on a mixture of freight and passenger services. This is an excellent location for the railway traveller to visit, with loads of scenery and loads of trains!

THE NETHERLANDS - The route to the south of Utrecht is our chosen feature as we study mainly passenger operations on this busy rural mainline. Spectacular bridges over the River Lek and Amsterdam canal make for some interesting photographic opportunities, all mixed with modern trains.

POLAND - the town of Wegliniec is close to the border with Germany and acts as a staging post for cross-border passenger and freight services. As well as this there are a number of rural branch lines radiating from the town which generate a variety of train types to be seen. In this action-packed feature we see, ST43, SU46, SM42 diesels, EP07, ET22, EN57 electrics, SA134, SA135 and DB class 642 DMUs and a DB class 232 diesel.

FRANCE - a study of rail operations to the west of Marseille, filmed in April 2012. BB67400 are seen on intercity and local passenger services, including shots from on board the trains. Endangered BB25500 electrics are viewed on local stopping services; Freight trains are seen with class BB7200, BB75000, as well as ECR class 66 and Europorte G1000.

GERMANY - we travel to Bavaria to witness diesel operations on the main and branch lines in the foothills of the alps. Situated in stunning scenery we see trains on the Oberstdorf branch with class 612 DMUs and class 218 and ex-OBB class 2143 diesels in charge. We then travel to the Füssen branch with class 642 DMUs and class 218 diesels on local passenger turns - with yet more superb mountain scenery as the backdrop. Finally we move north to the mainline south of Buchloe, with further class 218 diesel action. In just under twelve months it is expected that the current class 218s will begin to be replaced by the new Traxx 245 ME diesels, so scenes that we have captured here, will soon become history.