(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 51 (September-October 2013)

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 51 (September-October 2013)

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Run-time 1hour and 50 minutes approx.

AUSTRIA - a visit is made in superb cloudless weather to the Zillertalbahn narrow-gauge line that runs from Jenbach to Mayrhofen. As well as current diesel operations we follow one of the highlights of the Summer season, the steam-hauled tourist train to Mayrhofen featuring 0-8-2 locomotive number 4. We also see freight operations with standard-gauge wagons being hauled on special transporter wagons.

ITALY – two areas are studied which have the Alps as a backdrop. We call into Belluno to sample diesel operations on a typical rural line with D445 locos and class 668 units, as well as current-day observations on lines radiating out of Novara. Classes 632, 652, 464, EB710, 663 & SBB 484 are all seen.

SLOVAKIA - superb weather and high mountains once again dominate the filming as we study traffic on the busy mainline linking Kosice with Bratislava in the north of the country. With the snow-covered Tatra Mountains as a constant back-drop we see passenger trains headed by class 163, 362, 363 and 350 as well as freight traffic powered by class 183 and double-unit class 131 locos often with class 183 providing assistance. This is a fascinating and photogenic piece of railway running through superb open countryside.

FRANCE – a look at the mainline north of Orleans on the ‘racetrack’ section to Etampes and onwards to Paris. This is a near 100-percent loco-operated line and we witness a variety of passenger and freight services finished off in a wide cross-section of liveries and colour schemes. Classes BB7200, BB26000 and BB27000 dominate the motive power seen - and once again, all filmed in glorious summer sunshine!

GERMANY - the final section in this programme takes an extended look at rail operations through the Rhine Valley starting close to Bingen and continuing north to just short of Koblenz. At Bingen we are on the left bank line which sees the majority of passenger services and fast freight. ICE, 101, 120, 143, 185/5, 189, 460 and 628 are all seen here. Moving north along the river we visit such places as Kaub, Bacharach, Oberwesel, Boppard, Lorch and Loreley where some of our long pan shots make the most of the superb scenery and the busy river traffic. Trains are filmed along either side of the river and offer, in addition to those listed above, classes 151, 155, 185, 139, 221, 1116, 484 on non-passenger services with the highlight being preserved and ex-works condition, green-liveried 140 128 on a test run from Koblenz - and all filmed in 2012 and 2013 in splendid sunshine!