(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 57 (September - October 2014)

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 57 (September - October 2014)

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Run-time 1 hour and 38 minutes approx.

FRANCE - Loco-Hauled action from the East of Lyon on the route to Chambéry and Grenoble. BB22200 multi-voltage locomotives dominate on TER services during the morning rush-hour. TGVs and EMUs are also seen on this busy main line.

POLAND - we look at passenger traffic on the main line north of Katowice to Warsaw. PKP Cargo ET22, plus PKP Passenger sector locos from classes EU07 and EP09 all appear. also new class EN76 units plus modernised class EN57.

SWITZERLAND - this programme takes an extended look at two lines, the first is the BLS line south of Spiez, where we see Class 535 units, Classes 460, 420, 485, 843, 486, BCFe4/6, RBDe4/4, 436, 185 and 425 on a selection of services, viewed by the camera from high up on the valley sides. Our second feature comes from the SBB line south of Langenthal. We also have a fabulous line-up of motive power including: 460, 436, 185, 425, 420, 187, 485, 500, TGV, ICE, 540, 841, 486, 923, 511, 525 and 620!

BELGIUM - a look at passenger operations to the south of Arlon on the line to Luxembourg. classes 3000, AM96 and 41 dominate this short stopover.

THE NETHERLANDS - a rarely filmed line is that between Roermond and Maastricht. IRM and Y3 Sprinter EMUs are the main motive power seen as well as a DB class 6400 diesel on freight.

GERMANY - two locations feature in this section, the first is a look at traffic on the Stuttgart to Singen line south of Tuttlingen. This features classes 115, 146, 101, 181 and 184, as well as SBB classes 420 and 521. We then journey across to Immenstadt to view mainline diesels in action where we feature class 218, 223, 2143 and 612 DMUs.