(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 7 (Winter 2002/3)

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 7 (Winter 2002/3)

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France: Valenciennes is situated in the northern part of the country on the main line from Lille to the south and east. A wide selection of locomotives and trains are seen including a spectacular seven-loco convoy!

Portugal: The popular English Electric class 1800s (similar to BR class 50) have all now been withdrawn; we take a journey back to early 2002 to see them at work in their final days. Locos are seen on automotive and salt traffic including celebrity 1801. We also mark the demise of the Alco class 1500 before sampling a class 1550 diesel.

Germany: We travel to Leipzig and the Zeitz main line at Knautnaundorf. Two class 232 diesels haul their freights south at this typical ex-DR location.

Luxembourg: Rodange. Filmed in 2002 a study of traffic around the station area featuring historic multiple units and endangered class 3600 electrics and class 911 shunters in operation.

Austria/Italy: The Brenner Pass line is featured as we look at freight and passenger traffic over this picturesque mountain railway around the border town of Brennero. A wide range of traction is featured including ÖBB classes 1016, 1116, 1042, 1142, 1012, 1044, 1822, DB classes 139 and 182 and Italian 464 and 652 as well as ex-Polish class EU43 locos.

Netherlands: We pay a visit to Roosendaal on the border with Belgium. The town boasts a very busy station with almost constant activity involving Plan V8-V13, V4, V5, V6, Plan V7, VT, IRM 'Regiorunner' electric units, plus locos from class 11 and 1700, 6400 and privately-owned ex-NS 2200 diesels.

Italy - Grizzana: Situated on the line between Bologna and Firenze a wide variety of passenger and freight trains are seen, including ETR460, 500 high-speed trains, 402 and 444 electrics on intercity services and 636 and 645 vintage locos on freight.

Germany: A survey of trains and traction along the picturesque Mosel valley.