(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 86 (July - August 2019)

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 86 (July - August 2019)

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CZECH REPUBLIC - a look at the Provincial line to the south of Plzeň where class 242 electrics work with most services using hauled stock.

AUSTRIA - a visit to Vienna as we find endangered class 4020 electric multiple units at work with class 4746, 1116 and 1144s on passenger.

GERMANY - the regional line linking Leipzig with Chemnitz is now home to diesel loco-hauled operations; we look at operations on the line south of Geithain.

FRANCE - we see more loco-hauled trains in our visit to the main line north of Orléans on the route up to Paris. BB7200, BB22200, BB26000, BB27000, BB69400, BB75000 plus G1206 are all seen working on various services.

NETHERLANDS - with the demise of the Dutch class 1700 electrics almost upon us, we have a quick look at some of the locos at work on Intercity trains near Bad Bentheim close to the German/Dutch border.

SWITZERLAND - we stop off at Killwangen northeast of Zürich. Located on a busy passenger and freight route we view a whole procession of trains; with TGV, Re4/4, Re6/6, 843, 460, 450, 500, 511, DB class 185 and a BLS ‘Brownie’.

TAIL-LAMP - steam train on the Harz narrow-gauge.