(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 9 (Summer 2003)

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 9 (Summer 2003)

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Germany - a look at trains through the Rhine holiday hot-spot of Rhudesheim. An amazing amount of variety is seen from ex-DR diesels to class 103 electrics; the rail activity is constant with both passenger and freight services hauled by examples from Classes 101, 120, 140, 143, 150 and 155.

Spain - We visit Miranda de Ebro an important junction town in the north of the country. Classes 321, 333, 308, 310, 319, 251, 269, 279 and 289 all feature!!

Italy - our Lineside interlude takes a look at vintage electrics in action on both passenger and freight.

We visit the Lorraine main line from Montmedy to Longuyon as well as the branch to Longwy in Luxembourg. A range of SNCF electrics and multiple units appear such as BB16500, BB26000, BB15000, BB36000 and BB22200 as well as Luxembourg class 3600 prior to their withdrawal.

Switzerland - The railway around Basel Part 2: we stop off at Pratteln station on the busy southern approaches to the city where anything up to thirty loco-hauled trains can be recorded each hour. Amongst those seen are classes BLS Re4/4 and 465 as well as SBB classes Re4/4. Re6/6, Ae6/6 and 460 on a variety of passenger and freight services. Separately, we journey north of the city and to the huge DB freight yard at Weil, where we see classes 111, 155, 140, 151, 101 and 298 locomotives at work.

Holland - Diesels on the line through Rotterdam Docks to the massive rail complex at Maasvlakte. Included are new 'Eiro' class 66 (such as ETS, Shortlines, ACTS and HGK) class 6400 and ACTS class 62 as well a trip back in time to view a class 1100 electric in action.

Belgium - main line action southeast of Lier. Classes 20, 26 and 55 are witnessed on freight and passenger duties. Local passenger services are also seen operated by a variety of electric multiple units.

France - a look at the endangered class x2800 diesel units in action around the town of Morez.