(Standard DVD) European Railway: Line a GRID Vitesse

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Line a GRID Vitesse

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A look at the LGV-est construction trains in action during 2005. Run-time approx 116 mins.

This programme documents the use of ex-BR Class 56 and 58 locomotives on the French LGV-Est construction project near Reims. Filmed in April and June 2005 we see these popular British locomotives at work on various trains in the company of French and German diesels. We also take time out to study the SNCF diesel-only line that runs through the town of St.Hilaire-au-Temple - the site of the LGV construction base - and also the classic main line east of Paris which the new TGV line will largely replace.

There are a number of early morning and afternoon views of the convoys of trains as they travel to and from the daily work sites. Highlights of the programme include, four class 56s and two class 58s on ONE train, plus numerous 56+58/56+56/58+58 double-headed combinations.There are also some superb soundtracks as the heavy trains struggle up the steep gradients; we look at ballast laying in progress, some ex-DB class 211 and 212 locomotives on works trains, SNCF AIA-AIA68500 locos struggling on loaded ballast trains and evening action at the St.Hilaire construction base. This is an ideal programme for anyone interested in British and continental traction at work, featuring sights and sounds that will soon be consigned to history.