(Standard DVD) European Railway: Loco-hauled 2011

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Loco-hauled 2011

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Run-time 88 mins approx

Loco-hauled workings from France, Germany and the Czech Republic in 2011

Our first section comes from France and the diesel operated mainline from Paris to Culmont-Chalindrey. This is the last mainline in France that is still not electrified. The mighty CC72100 are in charge of the passenger services.

We move to Germany as we look at a variety of electric locomotives at work around the country on local regional passenger duties. We see classes 111, 112, 143, 145, and 182 from locations such as Frankfurt, Cologne and Dresden.

The Czech Republic still uses locomotive and coach formations for the majority of their services. We take a ride from Dresden to Prague, witnessing Classes 163, 371, 350, 110 and 750 locos along the way.

The older electric types to be found in the south of France are rapidly fading away with withdrawals of the last remaining members now taking place. We focus on the BB9300 and the BB8500 electrics as they operate passenger services around Bordeaux and Toulouse.

Moving north-west in France, we find that the non-electrified line from Bordeaux to Nantes is still a favourite outpost for the class BB67400 diesels. We study the class working singly and in pairs on the Intercity trains that ply this route.

And finally in France, we look at some of the older electric locomotives at work in and around the Paris Suburbs, in particular the BB17000 whose life expectancy is now down to months, as new replacement suburban trains are rapidly introduced. We also look at some of the BB25500 heritage electrics working local trains around Rennes.

We relocate back to Germany to witness class 218 diesels at work around Frankfurt. This is followed by a look at the ever-diminishing numbers of class 110 electrics in operation, with a study of the passenger trains they work around Giessen.

The routes out to Westerland in the north of the country still feature class 218s on the main intercity services, we take a look at these as well as some of the local 218-operated trains out of Hamburg.

Finally, we travel to the Bad Harzburg line as we see class 218 diesels on local trains around this region. This section concludes with some superb on-train sequences where the locomotive sound can be distinctly heard – ok, they thrash a great deal!