(Standard DVD) European Railway: Special Edition 2008

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Special Edition 2008

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Run time - 91 mins

Belgium - a journey is made to Liege, first looking at the principal freight line to the north of the city and to the south on the main line to Namur. Classes 'Euro 66', 20 and 23 are all featured as well as a host of electric units some of which date back to the 1960s.

France - a special three part feature looking at the 'big blue' french diesels soon to be the subject of steady but significant withdrawals. We begin at La Roche sur Yon, to the south of Nantes, as BB67400 are seen on passenger workings; we travel to the Langres area to see CC72100 diesels on passenger trains to and from Paris, before finally heading off to Grenoble to see BB67300 diesels in action.

Germany - class 143 electrics dominate as we study regional passenger services around Dresden, Glauchau and Magdeburg from 1997 to 2001.

Hungary - a last look at the soon to be closed narrow gauge lines to the north of Nyíiregyyhaza. Mk48 diesels dominate on the historic and timeless rural byways.

Netherlands - lineside action from two stations, one close to Gouda and the other close to Arnhem. both state-run and privately-operated trains are seen, including triple-headed class 6400 diesels on coal traffic.

Switzerland - Spiez station is visited where we see SBB and BLS trains and locomotives in action, including Re 4/4, 460, 465 and new class 185 electrics. We then travel to the south of Innsbruck for a spectacular look at the Schynige Platte Bahn, a rack railway using locomotives now approaching 100 years old!