(Standard DVD) European Railway: Switzerland 2011

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Switzerland 2011

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BRIG – our first features looks at traffic through the station at Brig where the main BLS and SBB lines come together: its lower platforms also cater for trains terminating on the metre-gauge Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn. Our filming took place both in the morning and evening on the 3rd and 4th of February 2011. A good deal of passenger and freight traffic was seen which brought locomotives from classes R.e.6/6, R.e.4/4, 460, 465, 840, BLS Re.4/4, 185, 186 and 485. On top of this were trains on the metre-gauge M.T.B. all surrounded by superb mountain scenery.

WENGERNALPBAHN - a visit to the snow-covered slopes around the junction at Kleine-Schiedegg as we witness the line and it’s trains in operation.

GOTTHARD – an extended feature from this famous railway route. We study traffic through the partly snow-covered valleys as we follow the line from Wassen down to Erstfeld. There’s plenty of passenger and freight trains to be seen involving no less than six different types of locomotive classes: also included are Class 500 and Cisalpino tilting trainsets. The opening of the new Gotthard base tunnel in a few years time will have a major impact on the types and amounts of trains to be seen, with a major reduction in the quantities of trains to be seen: this feature will act as a good reminder of ‘the way it was’.

DAVOS and KLOSTERS – the Rhätischebahn is changing its locomotive and passenger fleets. This view of activity filmed in February 2011, shows some of the new Stadler three-car units in service as well as a last look at the 1950s-built class Ge4/4 ¹ at work on ski-trains before they went into reserve in March this year.

JURA NARROW-GAUGE – beginning at Glovelier at the junction with the standard SBB line we follow the Chemins de fer du Jura metre-gauge line to La Noirmont. As well as the line’s railcars at work on passenger services we also see freight trains including the appearance of 1952-built class De4/4 locomotive number 401. Filmed in April 2011.

HUTTWIL – our final section features standard-gauge activity on the rural line which passes through the town. As well as local passenger trains we see a healthy amount of freight which runs to and from a major paper works. Classes Ae6/6 and RE6/6 are seen.