(Standard DVD) German Mainline Steam - Dampfspektakel 2014

(Standard DVD) German Mainline Steam - Dampfspektakel 2014

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The biggest and busiest mainline steam event for four years was held around the Neustadt area in Western Germany between the 28th of May & 1st June 2014, featuring at least 10 different steam locomotives working on mainline & secondary routes. This programme covers the main steam days, from Thursday 29th May until Sunday the 1st of June & is divided into four sections representing each of the running days. We begin at Neustadt with 01.118 departing for Darmstadt, one of two class 01s used for the event. This was followed by 52-8134 & 52-4867 on a working to Alzey & class 41s numbers 41-360 & 41-018 with their train bound for Bensheim. Our cameras followed these trains on their respective runs, including the Alzey branch, the Rhein bridge at Worms & mainline scenes south of Heddesheim. Number 52 -7596 & 01.202 are then both seen departing Neckargemünd with trains to Sinsheim & Heilbronn. Finally we move west to cover further scenes south of Weinsheim, Mannheim & Schifferstadt.

Friday the 30th of May sees 01.118 departing Neustadt with an express for Karlsruhe, followed by 41-360 on a post special to Heilbronn. We catch up with 01.118 with views at Graben-Neudorf, Karlsruhe (North) & Bruchsal. We film 01.202 & 41-360 west of Schifferstadt later in the day. In the evening we join the crowds for a night-shoot at Neustadt Depot where eight of the participating locomotives were lined up for the cameras.

Saturday the 31st of May, sees a spectacular departure from Neustadt by 52-4867, we then catch 41-360 on the Bad Dürkheim branch, followed by 01.202 south of Edesheim. Landau is our next stop where 01.118 heads for Pirmasens Nord, whilst we see 01.202 heading for Karlsruhe. We catch up with 01.118 at Pirmasens North & again east of Hochspeyer. We visit Frankenstein where we view 52-4867, before heading north to Enkenbach on the Alzenz route with 52-4867 & 52-7596 in action. Finally we head back to Neustadt for the evening arrivals, which also included the sight of 58-311.

Sunday the 1st of June sees a spectacular joint departure from Neustadt featuring 52-8134 & 41-018: we then follow the class 41 with scenes on the Bad Dürkheim branch. We move north to the Alzey line with 41-360 around Alzey, including a superb southbound departure through the tunnel. We are at Frankenstein for 01.202 and to Germersheim where we find 52-8134 departing north. Finally, we return to Neustadt for the evening arrivals, including the use of 89-7159 on empty stock & 01.150 returning to the depot after a quite superb steam event.