(Standard DVD x2 Disc) European Cab-Ride: Slovenia - Koper to Ljubljana 2016

(Standard DVD x2 Disc) European Cab-Ride: Slovenia - Koper to Ljubljana 2016

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Run-Time 3 hours and 25 minutes - Double Disk

Filmed in the cab of one of Slovenian Railways’ Class 363 ‘Brigitte' series locomotives, so nicknamed after the French Actress, Brigitte Bardo, we journey from the Port of Koper up the steep grades to the country’s capital Ljubljana. Our locomotive for this trip is number 363 029 hauling heavily loaded container train no: 48680 from Koper to Maribor (where the train continues on in to Austria). The class 363 locos are similar to the now withdrawn SNCF CC6500 class and have six powered axles being built by Alsthom for Slovenian Railways between 1975 & 1977 for operation under the 3000v DC system. Thirty-nine locomotives were built & all still find themselves in front-line service. Until the arrival of the new Siemens ‘Taurus’ the locomotives were the most powerful in the country being rated at 3,940 horsepower. Characteristics of this locomotive is the manual transmission capable of varying the gear ratio of the motors from 75 kph for freight & 125 kph for passenger.

On a gloomy day we leave the sidings at Koper where the slippery conditions provide a challenging test for the locomotive on the 25% incline, even with a powerful ‘Taurus’ electric on the rear for additional power. Our 154 km journey lasts over 3 hours and 25 minutes as we travel on this most interesting & busy line.